Endurance Night Q&A

The first club Q and A session was held on Wednesday 2nd December which focused on endurance running.  With over 60 members in attendance the session was a success (at least like to think so!)

Our expert panel (plus Captain Si masquerading as an expert!) provided some varied and excellent advice on training for longer distance races, particularly, the marathon for first timers and experienced runners.  The session covered a wide range of topics including where to start, how to structure your training, nutrition and hydration, race day preparation, race day strategies and recovery.

With the session only lasting around an hour the panel didn’t cover any topic in great detail – if there are any topics you would like to cover in more detail at a future Q and A session please drop post a comment or drop a member of the committee an email so we can organise this for next year.  In the meantime please feel free to use the forum on our website to discuss endurance running and your own marathon training plans and experiences – the panel will drop and answer questions/share their experiences too.