K&D HQ: Position Paper


As part of the K&D RC Committee’s commitment to the club we have been looking at ways to secure the future of the club long-term. While Sainsbury’s have been very kind in allowing us to use their facilities in order to expand we will require more creative solutions. With this in mind our first step has been to pull together a position paper that sums up the following:

HQ Relocation Issues over the last 3 years
Club Community Focus
Club Performance
Current Club Position
Future HQ Ambitions
Current Road Blocks

This document has been circulated to SMBC Local Councillors.
We will instigate discussions with SMBC and possible funding partners.
We welcome thoughts and comments. Please feel free to circulate to local business, partners or parties who may be in a position to help forward our ambitions for a long-term home for Knowle & Dorridge RC.