Venue Feedback & SGM


Thanks for your support trialling Four Ashes Golf (not Cricket) Club last night. After I forgot where we were in the pre-run brief you all helped massively as we adapted to new surroundings. Other than us being a bit noisey (clearly you were all very excited) it seemed to go well but if you have any feedback on the venue please email

The committee will consider feedback and announce plans asap.

SMG will now take place on the 20th in the Church Hall. If you wish to enter a proxy vote please do so via

You’ll need to sign in on the night. The floor will be opened to discussion on the matter of raising the membership fee by £3 to £38 and voted upon. I won’t keep bringing the deal back for meaningful votes like a certain PM I promise.

Membership for 2019/20 season will then be opened from 9am on Thu 21st March at whatever price (£35 or £38) the club approves.