Lakeland Trails 55k Ultra & 15k

The sun was shining over the Lake District where at least 1000 people were all set up to run 14k, 23k, 55k or 100k. For K&D we had Katie Price on the 14k and then John Garside, Paul O’Donnell and Mike McDonald taking on the 55k.

It was a tough challenge no matter the distance because the heat felt much hotter than the 24degrees forecast.

The race started with a sharp incline within the first half a mile. Katie had fun in the 14k and is now booking next year’s adventure with a further distance (not brave enough for the Ultra). But for the ultra it was 9 hours 40 before a K&D finish and nearly 12 hours for our last finisher. The boys have said never again and described it as brutal mainly due to the heat but all was well when they had their preordered fish and chips and beers waiting in the local eatery

Paul O’Donnell finished in 9:42, John Garside 11:05 and Mike McDonald 11:46

An extra mention for Mary Heald past K&D lady who also ran and finished 1st lady in 7:30. Overall an amazing experience and definitely worth a club coach trip next year

Northbrook 10k

Another super-warm day for the 6th race in the WRRL race series, which again saw a great turnout from K&D. Well done to Juliet Jones who ran an excellent race, coming 4th overall.

Results below:

well done to everyone that represented the club on a hilly course on a hot morning at Norhbrook 10k.
22nd Christopher Revell 37:33
26th Michael Williamson 37:32
28th Rene Vergo 37:45
91st Jason Pitcher 43:04
92nd Juliet Jones 43:14 and 4th lady
101st Mike Day 43.53
138th Kerry Thompson 46:16
145th Hannah Donelan 46:45
182nd Martin Hancock 49:40
201st Lloyd Barton 51:19
208th Nicky Evans 51:33
223rd Graham Edwards 52:34
228th Paul Winwood 53:09
234th Amelia Crees 53:45
241st Keith Whitehead 54:23
281st Karen Ratcliffe 58:12
317th Linda Whitehead 1:02:38
342nd Lissy Calvert 1:06:17
353th Sammie Edginton 1:08:32
383th Caroline Edwards 1.19:47
384th Amanda Crees 1:19:49

Barmouth 10k & Croyde Coastal Triathlon

Well done to Kate O’Hara, completing the Barmouth 10k in 1 hour and 7 mins, and special mention also to Men’s Captain Greg Turner for completing the gruelling Crodye Coastal Triathlon (rated one of the top 10 toughest courses in the world over the distance)

Parkrun roundup

A lovely warm and sunny Saturday morning saw 45  K&D members running at parkruns around the country. Well done to Nick Woolley on a new PB, also coming 1st overall at Moors Valley parkrun in a super speedy 16:11.  There was a PB also for Monica Green at Portrush parkrun, where she was also 2nd lady, and well done also to Jane Evans for 1st lady at Brueton

Parkrun Position Time PB/Top 3
Banbury parkrun
Pete MAKEPEACE 70 00:28:08
Moors Valley parkrun
Nick WOOLLEY 1 00:16:11 1st overall & PB
Arrow Valley parkrun
Tasha CAMPBELL 183 00:28:20
Brueton parkrun
Chris MORGAN 2 00:18:49 2nd overall
Jane EVANS 5 00:19:15 1st Lady
Paul BENTLEY 10 00:19:41
Ainsley WAINWRIGHT 16 00:20:31
Rob HOULSTON 19 00:20:51
Alan BLACK 27 00:21:26
Anthony DUTTON 48 00:22:34
Louise BELL 54 00:22:46
Steve ARMSTRONG 68 00:23:32
Jane HUNT 82 00:24:08
Alan GREEN 87 00:24:25
Mark GALE 89 00:24:34
Robert STEWART 109 00:25:28
Nicky EVANS 110 00:25:29
Amelia CREES 127 00:26:14
Neil LETHAM 151 00:27:30
Tanya CRONIN 156 00:27:39
Ian Derek MAIDMENT 164 00:27:51
Nigel FOSTER 172 00:28:17
Russell PALMER 175 00:28:32
Katrina PARKIN 203 00:29:26
Sally ANDERSON 210 00:29:37
Carly MITCHELL 228 00:30:19
Kay ADENIPEKUN 240 00:31:12
Graham EDWARDS 241 00:31:13
Gail PARTRIDGE 293 00:36:01
Lissy CALVERT 295 00:36:09
Manjit UPPAL 296 00:36:22
Penny TAYLOR 304 00:36:35
Paul JEFFREY 320 00:39:59
Karen RATCLIFFE 344 00:53:55
Portrush parkrun
Monica GREEN 47 00:21:45 2nd lady & PB
Sheringham parkrun
Alison GIBLIN 182 00:37:33
Kingsbury Water parkrun
James TAYLOR 124 00:29:31