AGM – 15 April

The Annual General Meeting of Knowle & Dorridge Running Club will take place on Wednesday 15th April 2015. The Meeting will commence at 8.30pm after the usual Wednesday Club Run.

The AGM is very important for the future operation of your Club so please make a special effort to attend.

The Committee Officers will report on the last 12 months of business for K&D. As a Member you will have the opportunity to ask the Officers any questions that you have regarding the way the Club is run and its finances.

Of course, the main business for the Meeting will be to elect the Committee for the next 12 months.

To remind you, the Committee is made up of Six Officers and Six Additional Members. Each Committee Member is entitled to serve for up to 2 years before being required to stand down.

For the next 12 months, the Club Secretary Sally Anderson, Membership Secretary Jane Hunt, Treasurer Flick Sharp, Mens Captain Simon Bentley and Ladies Captain Claire Magee will be remaining in their roles. Mark Cordiner-Barton will also be continuing as a Committee Member.

I would like to thank them for the excellent work they have done for K&D over the last year which I’m sure they will continue through the next 12 months.

Standing down will be myself as Chair, Amanda O’Leary, Max Mladenovic, Tracy Davies, Tim Price and Monica Green.

Again I would like to express my appreciation for the service these guys have given to K&D over the last year or few, in Max and Tracy’s case pretty much since our Club was born!

The ethos of K&D is that it is a running club for all, and it is imperative that the Committee represents this ethos by being made up of members of all running abilities and ages.

I cannot emphasise enough that you do not need to be a seasoned Running Club member to be able to contribute. The only attributes required are enthusiasm and a desire to help K&D continue to grow and prosper.

The Committee meets just six times a year so I promise being involved is not going to take over your life!

As a Running Club determined to be for all, it is essential that all of us as members do our bit from time to time. So I would like you to consider helping your Club by putting your name forward to join the K&D Committee.

I have had a fantastic two years as Chair and will be more than happy to help the new Chairperson settle in as will the existing Committee Officers each of whom is always supportive and willing.

Any member that would like to put their name forward to join the Committee as an Additional Member or as Chair should email me at or grab me when you see me next.

If you would like a further feel for how the Committee works, or what being Chair involves, I will be delighted to go into detail for you.

Let me re-iterate that you do not have to be a running expert or a club veteran and that being on the Committee or acting as Chair will not take up every second of any spare time you have.

Like me, what I’m certain you will find is a real pleasure in doing your bit to help K&D’s continued success as a Running Club valued by all of our members.