The Arden 9 2017 – Results

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Apologies for the delay, our results gophers have been locked in a room processing all night. After they fed the sheets into the Resultatron 2000 yesterday we realised there were a few issues to iron out – and then the Resultatron 2000’s main motherboard short-circuted in the heat. We had to ship a spare part all the way from Leipzig where a dozen results gophers worked tirelessly through the night – they only have little hands though. Gophers struggle with the soldering iron.

Anyway. We have results. And they are here in PDF format:

Arden 9 Results 2017 (Updated 23/06/17)

They can also be found on the Arden 9 website…

Arden 9 Race Results

And will be on Runbritain in due course. If you spot any errors please do let us know via any of the usual channels – Facebook, Twitter, Email, Carrier Pigeon etc.

No results gophers were hurt in the making of this post. Although we did sadly have to have a maths mongoose put down. He was terrible at making the tea.

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