Centurions GP 2 – An Olympic Challenge


With the Centurions results gophers currently on strike due to Gavin Davies refusing to give them a pay rise it took a few more days for the results to land but it was well worth the wait. 

It takes a bloody good runner these days to beat  our own Rosie Marsh so we’ll doff our caps to Sara Treacy. The international athlete turned up in Kingshurst to show that the Centurions GP is just as attractive as her appearances in the IAAF Diamond League or that time she ran in the 2016 3000m Women’s Steeple Chase Olympic Final. Rosie ran 34:09 and i’m sure doesn’t mind being second woman on this occasion.

Chairman Darren was Sara Tracey’s rabbit. Darren was on Sub 28 pace for 5k before fading slightly but still rocking a 28:38. His equal second fastest 5 mile time. K&D had their tradition massive turn out and Darren was just ahead of Paul Williams in 31:22 and Mike Day in 32:08. Rosie edged Louise Bell (37:40) and Jane Hunt (38:24).

There were PB’s-a-plenty over the 8km so congrats to everyone who is officially more awesome than they’ve ever been before.

Full Results: 

Darren John – 28:38
Paul Williams – 31:22 (PB)
Mike Day – 32:08
Greg Turner – 32:47 (PB)
Rosie Marsh – 34:09
Gary Welsh – 35:03 (PB)
Mike Durkin – 35:16
Steve Armstrong – 35:30
Clive Dickens – 36:03
Ian Naisbitt – 36:15 (or Ian Naishott as the results say)
Louise Bell – 37:40
Paul O’Donnell – 38:20
Jane Hunt – 38:24
Siobhan Cotter – 38:27
Rob Stewart – 39:15 (PB)
Mark Owen – 39:19 (PB)
Paul Winwood – 39:22 (or Paul Linwood as the results say)
Kay Adenipekun – 41:16 (PB)
Kate Marsh – 41:35 (PB)
Geoff Lewis – 42:28
Nigel Collins – 43:10
Alan Marshall – 43:12 (PB)
Claire Maggs – 43:13 (SB)
Amanda Marklew – 45:29 (SB)
Ann Spencer – 47:33
Linda Whitehead – 47:36 (SB)
Susan Wassell – 48:24 (PB)
Darren Maggs – 48:25