Hello from Kathy


Ladies XC

So I’m now your new ladies captain!

Knowle and Dorridge running club has a fabulous reputation as an ‘all inclusive’ club encouraging everyone from complete beginners to elite competitive runners and I’d like to continue to support all our lovely ladies to feel part of the club and feel welcome to participate in all the runs, races, activities and social events that they feel able and willing to do. So a few little updates:

May bank Holiday will be the London 10k and we have six ladies going to represent the club (Louise Taylor, Lorna Davies, Emily King, Sarah Nolan, Emma Donnelly, Sally Anderson) and a few others too (I’m going and Claire Maggs and there may be others). Of course there’ll be a boys team too. This is a great run starting and finishing in the Mall and has the excitement, planning and atmosphere of the London marathon without having to run 26.2 miles! Most years we have places, so watch out for next year!


The the WRRL races are in full swing. We have the Ryton 5 this Thursday, followed by:
8th June Sphinx 5
12th June Two Castles (all places filled)
19th June Arden 9
29th June Leamington 5k
10th July Northbrook 10k
23rd July Stratford Summer 6
10th Aug BRAT 5k
24th Aug Godiva 5 mile
4th Sept Kenilworth 1/2 marathon
2nd October Rugby 10mile
These are all really great races, very friendly and well organised. They’re a fabulous way to stretch your running and feel part of the ‘Team’ K&D. It’s not about having to be the fastest. This year the boys team were promoted to the fiirst division in the cross country league on the basis of everybody’s efforts. To enter, each race has it’s own website, or watch out on facebook – Follow K&DRC and info will be shared when races are registering.

As the year goes through there are two sets of activities that we enter teams for: the Sutton Road Relay races in Spring and Autumn and the Cross Country races which are monthly through the winter. I’ll be in touch when we need to get teams together – everyone is welcome, these are great team events.

Sharing your plans and activities is an excellent way to encourage others to participate. There are lots of club members who do various road and trail runs and races through the year and are loved by many! Please let us know if you plan to do any runs and we will add them to the website. You can find these under the tab ‘races’. Email them either to myself or Jonathen at: jmrandell@hotmail.co.uk.

We’re trying really hard in the club to make sure we are offering what you want and need. There is a wide range of ability. The training plans are to help improve speed and endurance depending on your target. They are also great if you just want to feel more comfortable with your running. There are some very good and experienced runners in the club who are very happy to share tips and tricks, and wise words to reduce the risk of injury and help with recovery.

If you have had an amazing experience, or enjoyed a run or race, why not share it with everyone. Let us know and we can put it on the club blog. We all love to hear about the ups and downs (literally) and the mud and scenery of all the wonderful runs.

Facebook and Twitter are another great way to see what everyone is up to, follow K&DRC from the website.

So, please let me know if there is anything you would like us to do to help with your running and keep in touch! Happy running.

Best wishes