K&D Elite Rain Jacket – £27.50


As if being part of the K&D Cross Country juggernaught isn’t enticing enough we have ordered 50 K&D Elite Rain Jackets. Priority purchase for the first batch will be given to athletes who have ran XC in race one or indicated they will be running XC this season (special dispensation for athletes who have competed at XC regularly in years gone by).

Order details will go live soon.

There will be 15x Small, 20x Medium, 15x Large. Delivery expected end of month/1st week of Dec. If we sell out the stock we’ll re-order ASAP.

Think of this like that scene in The Mighty Ducks where Emilio Estevez unveils the Duck’s Jersey.

QUACK QUACK. QUACK. (Best. Sports. Movie. Ever).

I’ll be chasing Club Vests this week. They’re due in from China any day now.