Knowle Fun Run Results


Congratulations to everyone who represented the club so well at this year’s Knowle Fun Run. The course change to make it 10k might now mean Greg is no longer banned for asking them if the course is long enough.

There seemed to be Green and Gold everywhere we looked and Gareth Wainwright even made sure of a K&D spot on top of the podium as he won the 10k in a new PB of 35:02. Mary Heald was first K&D Woman in 42:08.

If we’ve missed your name in the results please do let us know and we’ll update the list:

Athlete NameTeamChip Time
Gareth WAINWRIGHTKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:35:02
David CARBUTTKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:38:13
Darren JOHNKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:38:41
Jonathan RANDELLK&D00:38:51
Ainsley WAINWRIGHTK&D00:38:53
Greg TURNERKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:39:01
Paul BENTLEYKnowle & Dorridge RC A00:39:45
Andrew CONNORSKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:41:49
Mary HEALDK&D00:42:08
Amanda O’LEARYKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:42:18
Max GIMSONKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:42:26
Steve ARMSTRONGKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:42:34
Stephen RAYK&D00:44:50
Lloyd BARTONK&D00:44:57
Jack WHITEHOUSEK&D00:45:18
Adam O’NIONSK&D00:45:20
Mark WILSON RAMSAYKnowle & Dorridge RC H00:45:24
John GARSIDEKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:45:52
Claire MAGEEK&D00:46:16
Mike DURKINKnowle & Dorridge RC H00:46:17
Steve PENSOMK&D00:46:27
Martin HANCOCKK&D00:48:20
Caroline PARKKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:48:26
Graham EDWARDSKnowle & Dorridge RC F00:48:44
Simon KRSTICK&D00:48:48
Mark GALEKnowle & Dorridge RC H00:49:22
Nicola EVANSK&D00:49:33
Keith WHITEHEADKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:51:03
Robert STEWARTKnowle & Dorridge RC F00:51:38
Kay ADENIPEKUNKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:52:00
Ian MAIDMENTK&D00:52:27
Richard LISIECKIKnowle & Dorridge RC F00:52:53
Kate MARSHKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:53:16
Kerry WHITEHILLKnowle & Dorridge RC G00:53:18
Anna WILSONK&D00:53:41
Adeba JAMAKnowle & Dorridge RC G00:54:25
Janice LISIECKIKnowle & Dorridge RC G00:56:06
Katie PRICEKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:56:09
Neil LETHAMK&D00:57:45
Nigel FOSTERKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:57:50
Samantha EDGINTONKnowle & Dorridge RC E00:58:22
Karen RATCLIFFEKnowle & Dorridge RC C00:58:27
Lianne LE SWANNKnowle & Dorridge RC D00:59:00
Linda WHITEHEADKnowle & Dorridge RC B00:59:16
Steve MARKSKnowle & Dorridge RC H01:11:43
Paul JEFFREYKnowle & Dorridge RC G01:13:17

We also had a number of runners in the 5k mix running with Family, returning from injury, making their K&D debut’s and enjoying one sunny lap of Knowle:

Athlete NameTeamChip Time
Kerry THOMPSONK&D00:25:07
Chris THORLEYK&D00:27:52
David JOHNK&D00:32:37
Imogen ROWEK&D00:29:01
James TAYLORK&D00:36:05

Thank you to everyone that turned out on the day. It was a massive K&D presence which is always a superb way to advertise what we do to the local community. Thank you to the K&D supporters on the route, it’s always nice to see someone you know on Longdon Road hill (if only because you don’t want to stop and walk in front of them – so you keep going!)