The Week Ahead – A Note from Kathy


Hi all
Hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine and out running whether at home or on holiday.

Jonathan is away for the next 2 weeks so a brief update and reminder about Monday and Wednesday training.

Monday speed session will meet at 7.30 at the cricket club as usual. We’ll go down the Dorridge park and do a pyramid session with increasing distances. All abilities are welcome.

Wednesday club run for those not doing the WRRL BRAT 5k will be on, with reduced numbers.  There will be run leaders there but if anyone wants to do different paces and you know a route then feel free to take a group with you.

WRRL BRAT 5k is on Wednesday in Bournville starting at 7.45 with registration from 6pm.  Information and the registration form is here:

Brat 5k Entry Form

As lots of people are away at the moment it’s a great opportunity to get a good place and help boost points.  All the K&D teams are doing really well at the moment but because only 7 results count this is when places start to change. Hence it’s a great time to take advantage of fewer runners.

We are working on a new training plan for Wednesday evenings to keep you all focused and maintain the improvements we are seeing.

Have a great week – the weather promises to be lovely!

Ladies Team Captain