Weekend Recap: Part Deux


Note: The Hall is out of action tomorrow night. Please meet at Dorridge Station at 7:20. Sorry for the last minute notice.

Warwick Half:
Despite awful weather the K&D Chaps turned out in their Sunday best to demolish the course. They were flying. K&D were led round by Rob Michaelson-Yeates who topped off a superb winter by nipping into the 1:15’s.

Pos.Chip time Participant 
41:15:56Rob Michaelson-Yeates
61:17:38Chris Morgan
71:18:07Gareth Wainwright
181:21:39Jack Bristow
281:23:39Richard Dixon
371:26:23Ainsley Wainwright
381:26:39Mick Williamson
861:31:39Steven Knowles
1781:37:46Steve Pensom
2071:39:06Adam O’nions
2901:43:09Jason Pitcher
2941:43:02Nick Atkin
5161:54:44James Everett
6001:58:56James Cowan

Rhayader Round the Lakes:
Lads on Tour at the Rhayader Round . The picturesque 20 miler formed the perfect backdrop to a weekend away. The peleton is observing a strict vow of omerta about any mischief they got up to. A contender for picture of the year goes to Max Mladenovic who looks like a cross between Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Child Catcher and a Dad who’s just found his son nicking his whiskey out the drinks cabinet.

The gents had a superb time running the 30k. Tim celebrated taking the honours for the day with a 64oz steak. If you’re going to run 19 miles or so you might as well celebrate in style!

NameNet Time
Tim Price02:07:30
Chris Thorley02:10:09
James Taylor02:21:33
John Collins02:25:54
Russel Davies02:28:22
Rob Houlston02:30:08
Max Mladenovic02:32:59
Kevin Boake02:34:44
Lloyd Barton02:36:55
Andrew Connors02:43:06

Groundhog Day Marathon:
John Garside ran 26.2 miles but was never more than 400m from the start line as he ran the 105 1/2 laps in 3:54:21. The weirdo.

Centurions GP:
Congrats to Flick Sharp who took first lady and a PB on Sunday at Centurions. Amanda O’Leary made it a K&D women 1-2.

Full Results:
Flick Sharp – 32:05
Darren John – 32:18
Amanda O’Leary – 33:07
Phil Wood – 35:52
Stephen Ray – 38:05
Kevin Tomkinson – 39:53
Graham Edwards – 39:59
Catherine Sherlock – 42:04
Katie Price – 43:27
Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell – 44:10
Linda Whitehead – 48:08
Lissy Calvert – 50:41
Gail Partridge – 51:17

A massive congrats to everyone who ran. There are so many of you now it takes the factory of small children your committee employs to write these reports ages to catch up with all your results. Good job we don’t pay them per result.