Constitutional Amendments – AGM Proposal

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Hello K&Ders

There are a number of revisions that have been made to the K&D Constitution. These are proposed for approval at the upcoming AGM.

Geoff Lewis has kindly and diligently been working on this (Should the American Founding Fathers have included a Geoff i’m sure we’d not be in the situation we currently find ourselves in across The Pond).

Please read the constitution prior to our AGM on 5th April:

K&DRC constitution final approved 02.10.13 REVISION 25.02.17

The revisions made by Geoff will be open for debate and, hopefully, approval on the night. Should you wish to discuss any issues pre-AGM (constitution or indeed otherwise) please contact the club on or speak to a committee member. 


K&D Committee

P.S. Lets not try to include an amendment that gives us the right to bear arms. I like bears to keep their arms attached to their bodies.