Running Etiquette Reminders


As the nights lighten and our crowd of runners once more swells it’s time for a brief reminder of the do’s and don’t of K&D Running. It’s a handy guide for newbies and refresher for oldies. These are not hard and fast rules, just use common sense.

Always wear high-viz tops
No headphones – you need to be able to hear the Run Leader and Traffic

Road Running:
You run at your own risk
Run on pavement wherever possible (and safe to do so)
Avoid running on the road when there is a safer option
Run on the side facing the traffic coming towards you so you can see the cars
When running on the road DO NOT spread across the whole road. You should only be 1-2 runners wide at most. Single file is better.

Faster runners:
It is YOUR responsibility to overtake safely and with respect when overtaking those running at a slower pace
Running Sub-21 for 5k? You should be looking to our Tues/Thu group

Groups Running Towards Each Other
Give each other space
Point or say loudly which side you will be running on
Give each other support

Where groups are big don’t be afraid to suggest to a run leader that we split the groups
The pavement should be used where possible and safe
Quiet roads are fine to run on but be sensible

Run Leaders:
Runners run at Run Leader discretion – a run leader can refuse to run with anyone who wilfully ignores instruction, runs dangerously or runs without consideration to others. The Club will support any Run Leaders who feel uncomfortable with any group member’s behaviour on the run.

Say “Hi” to pedestrians, dog-walkers, drinkers at the Drum and Monkey, cars that stop. It’s good for the club’s image and local reputation.