Running Safety


It’s September, it’s starting to get cold, and the nights are sadly getting darker.   This means that it’s sadly time to abandon the scenic routes across fields and along canal towpaths and hit the roads for the autumn/winter.

Running on the roads at night during the colder and darker nights means that we must all be a little more aware of our surroundings and of each other.  The club committee has out together some guidance and protocols for all members to help make sure that everyone stays safe when out there.  The last thing we want is someone running into a lamppost (who’d do that, huh?).

The main protocols we expect everyone to follow are:

  • Always wear high visibility running gear when running at night.  If you don’t have any we can lend you a high visibility top on Wednesday night runs.
  • Please look after each other out there – when running in a group you should take responsibility for the person in front of you and behind you and provide them with assistance if required.
  • Please make sure that at least one of the group has a mobile phone on them so that in the event that an incident does occur you can call for help immediately.

Please understand that we so not meant sound draconian and that these protocols are only in place to ensure your safety – we want everyone to get out there and enjoy their running.

Running Safely Protocols