Weekend Recap: A Quiet One


It looks like only parkrun took place this weekend. If we’ve missed any results please do let us know in the comments below. 

Walsall parkrun:

When our ladies said they were indulging in a spot of tourism at Walsall parkrun we didn’t know if they were going to Poland or the other side of Brum. Mumblers! 

It was the closer one. Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell was first home for our women in Walsall. Ann Ran 26:40. She was followed by Jan Hornby (26:45), Sally Anderson (26:47), Claire Maggs (26:47), Amanda Crees (26:12), Siobhan O’Donnell (26:12), Jackie Paterson (30:39), Jane Quarmby (30:41), Tracy Davies (31:15) and Claire Deeley (31:21). An invasion of K&D women.


Brueton parkrun:

Almost a repeat of our London 1-2-3 as Gareth Wainwright, Darren John and Chris Morgan took the first three places at Brueton this weekend. Darren led it out hard but Gareth’s sit and kick won the day while Chris is showing in the results as unknown. So we’re officially giving third to Chris (just so we have a club clean sweep). Making up the rules as we go along….

Gareth ran 17:11, Darren 17:27. And Chris ran something:something unrecorded. Unofficial official K&D third placer Paul Bentley ran 18:57.

Women! They’re good too. Especially that Sarah Cattell who ran 24:37 to take the  K&D women’s ‘W’ for win this weekend. Kate Marsh ran 25:18 to finish second K&D woman. She’s ok too. Karen Ratcliffe: She walks fast but shes run’s well too. She ran 26:25.

PB Party Time: Those legs are starting to spin fast. Katie Price, your new Wellbeing Officer was very well chuffed with her being faster than ever (26:29). Nick Burke also ran a PB of 25:52. There was once a keyboard player on tours for the Human League called Nick Burke. Strained puns will be the things that dreams are made of…

Leamington parkrun:

Simon Battson continued his tour of local parkruns. This week he ran the very specific time of 25:00. Love a good on the nose finish.

Arrow Valley parkrun:
Fresh from his introduction to Thursday’s down the track Greg sped to a 19:42. 

Cannon Hill parkrun:
Ainsley Wainwright is still recovering from the lurgy so took the opportunity to take his son the Cannon Hill. Ainsley ran 25:17 and infected 93 Kings Heath and Bournville Harriers athletes. Well done Agent Ainsley.

Stratford-Upon-Avon parkrun:

Pete Makepeace took his post-marathon recovery legs over to the home of Billy S. In the shadow of the RSC Pete ran 23:31.

Gloucester City parkrun:

Newbie Jonathan Bellman took it out in a swift 18:47 in Gloucester.