Weekend Recap: Being An Olympic Roesler

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Much Wenlock Olympan Half Marathon

Men’s Team Captain Torsten Roesler competed in the Much Wenlock Olympian Half Marathon over the weekend and came 4th with a time of 1:28:23. The course was pretty challenging, with a few naughty climbs along the way. It was roughly 50:50 road and trails making a sub-90 minute clocking even more impressive..

Although don’t let him tell you that makes him an Olympian now. That’s not how it works Torsten!

Brueton parkrun

Gareth Wainwright’s achilles niggles have cleared up and his running is nibbling down towards those low seventeen minute times again. This week he ran 17:21 followed closely by Darren John in 17:39. Tim Price, fresh from his London Marathon BBC appearance and slightly less fresh from the night out at the club do on Friday night finished third in 19:07.

For some reason a number of runners were a bit slower on Saturday morning. It can’t be down to too much wine, beer or prosecco the night before at the awards bash can it? They all kept insisting they were only drinking water…

Kathy Bailey certainly behaved herself Friday night because on Saturday morning she was only four seconds off breaking her PB. She ran 21:49 to continue her hot-streak. Only a matter of time. Behind her Jane Hunt matched Kathy’s efforts. Again only 4 seconds off her PB. Jane ran 22:16. Louise Marklew rounded out a quick ladies top 3 running 22:43.

Two PB’s this weekend as Gregory Turner and Sarah Church ran 20:40 and 37:36 respectively. Well done!

Frimley Lodge parkrun

A partridge in a parkrun sounds like an episode from Steve Coogan’s repetoire. This week though it was Gail Partridge. She was, did and indeed is, err, indeed bouncing back with a 35:55. Back of the net.

Kingsbury Water parkrun

I hope they… Battson’d down the hatches, because there was a Gail at Frimley and a Battson, a Simon Battson at Kingsbury. Simon ran 26:00. Nice.

Penrose parkrun

Jane Cant showed she can as she ran Dan… Man. Her cup parkrunneth over with a time of 30:39 at Penrose parkrun.


Not to be confused with Nick Knowles our very own Andy Knowles ran 22:10 in the Bard’s home. I hope he didn’t tread mud all through his house after. That’d never do.