Your No Group Running Reminder

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Consider this your “friendly” reminder that ALL group running is off.

This is your very clear guidance:

You can run solo. Running with one other person, if neither of you have symptoms is ok as long as you keep a couple of meters apart.

Under no circumstances should you be running in groups of 3 or more.

Doing so puts the club in a very bad position. More importantly though it risks your health and it risks the health of others.

We can’t stress in strong enough terms that 3 or more is not acceptable. At K&D we thrive because we take responsibility, we work hard, and we do so with the strongest moral compass. Running in groups of 3 or more right now is not acceptable, it is the antithesis of the K&D way.

As Chair, I have had very, very mild Corona symptoms all week. I will be appalled with any K&D runner who unnecessarily risks infecting people with this. I’ve been wiped out for a week. And I’m very, very lucky to have had such mild symptoms of breathlessness, fever, headaches, exhaustion, muscle soreness, tight chest and high heart rate.

Your committee stresses that flaunting this guidance will, if necessary, lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the constitution. We are relying on you to step up. If you see people ignoring this guidance, we will back up any club member that speaks up, or informs the committee in confidence. Rarely is an issue life or death in running. But this is and we, as a club and committee, intend to treat any breaches of this guidance with the seriousness it deserves.