Weekend Recap: Just a parkrun roundup


We didn’t spot any of you around the country this weekend. Presumably you were all off working hard on Sunday long runs? Or if you’re Kathy baking pre-NYC Trip Cookies and Flapjacks. Which looked fantastic.  Otherwise here’s you’re remaining baked goods-free (*sad face emoji*) weekend recap…

Brueton parkrun:

You wait three years to get the position number 1 token at parkrun then two come along in three weeks. Chairman Darren took advantage of a quiet week at the front to run 17:48 and finish first overall at Brueton. Jane Evans showed good form to push him hard though – she clocked 17:58. That’s Jane’s 46th first finish for the women. Putting her only 4 behind Peter Brookes who holds the men’s title with 50. Will we see a woman sitting at the top of the tree soon? Glass Ceilings Smashed.

It was a Chairman Party for the men with the Obama to Darrens Trump*… Jonathan Randall running 18:56 for second K&D man while Edward Long finished third man in 20:03.

*These Nukes, Bad People, I don’t know if you saw my innaugauration crowds? Biggest in Knowle, Bigly. Nukes. Uranium. Bad People. Johnathan Randalls Emails. FBI…

Sorry. Where were we? Oh Yes..

Following the excellent efforts of Jane Evans was Louse Bell who is training well on Wednesday nights and running well at weekends. She ran 23:34 to finish ahead of third woman Jan Hornby. I believe this is Jan’s first time on the women’s podium so congrats on her time of 26:26.

Congrats to Nigel Collins who showed great post-marathon training benefits with an excellent 26:17 PB! Subhash Agarwalla continued his fine improvement with a 25:28 PB and Neil Letham ran 24:33 showing that the blokes we’re on fire this weekend. Not to be outdone though Lennie Watson ran 44:07 to set a new PB and strike one back for the women.

Torbay Veloside parkrun

Chairman Darren FACT:  My parents are retiring to a house 2 minutes from Torbay Veloside parkrun in 12 months or so. Its like I planned it….

John Garside got in early though to notch Torbay on his bedpost. He ran 22:00 dead on to earn his seaside fish and chips on Saturday night.

Cannon Hill parkrun:

Greg Turner and Brian Corr both rocked up to see the Red Panda’s in Birmingham Nature Centre. They threw in a parkrun while they were there. Greg again went under the 20 minute barrier (19:43) while Brian ran a great 21:34.

Congleton parkrun

Mary Heald knocked out a 23:21 at Conga-Fun parkrun. No idea if she had the buggy with her, or was pushing a shopping trolley or carrying a fridge. She’s pretty quick whatever she’s pushing!

Conwy parkrun

Pete Makepeace enjoyed a leisure filled amble round Conwy parkrun in the relaxed time for him of 35:29.

Holkham parkrun

Holkham played host to Ann Spencer-Dowdeswell this weekend. 29:44 saw her round. 


Peter Harvey’s 26:56 saw him again take on Bideford parkrun.